Hospitality group taps system

Columbia Hospitality wanted a scalable cloud system that would make it easy to add properties, such as Papakea Resort in Lahaina, Hawaii. Photo credit:

Columbia Hospitality has implemented the’s STS cloud sales-and-catering system at seven properties. 
“Distinctive venues require distinctive systems,” Ashley Asher, director of sales for Columbia Hospitality, said in a statement. “Columbia Hospitality operates a diversified portfolio of golf courses, hotels, conference centers and other properties. We use ‘best in class’ solutions specifically suited for each venue. We now use or are installing’s STS Cloud system at seven properties. It provides all the features we need and is easy to use. It is a cost-effective sales-and-catering platform.”
Columbia Hospitality also uses ProposalPath,’s online proposal response application, at 15 Columbia properties. "The system lets us respond to proposal requests for events at our conference centers, public and private golf courses, and signature venues like the Rialto Theater in Bozeman, Montana and Smith Tower," Asher said.

Asher said Columbia Hospitality wanted a scalable cloud system that would make it easy to add properties. “Properties come to us with existing systems and we honor the system contracts. When we see a property that would benefit from STS Cloud or ProposalPath, we discuss it with the owner and implement them where appropriate.”
When’s STS Cloud system is used across an enterprise like Columbia Hospitality, its standardization brings added benefits. “With our properties on one familiar STS Cloud sales-and-catering system, it is easy to cross sell where appropriate,” Asher said. “Likewise, it is a simple matter to move staff from one property to another to cover for an employee on holiday.” 

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