Hotelchamp introduces Autopilot to personalize hotel websites

Autopilot customizes static hotel websites using a range of marketing techniques and tools. Photo credit: Hotelchamp (Hotelchamp introduces Autopilot to personalize hotel websites)

Hotelchamp introduced Autopilot, an artificial intelligence engine trained to recognize and personalize the experience of every visitor to a hotel’s website.

“Today’s hotel websites provide the same static experience for every visitor, which is bizarre given how different guests and their preferences are,” Hotelchamp CEO Kristian Valk said in a statement.

Hotels already spend huge amounts of time and money on guest personalization, from email campaigns and communication, to advertising and loyalty programs, but most of these efforts are funneled to static, one-size-fits-all websites.

“Personalization is already the standard that guests have come to expect from hotels,” Valk said. “The challenge has always been how to deliver that on a website in a scalable and meaningful way. The truth is, only AI can deliver a truly adaptive website experience tailored to every single website visitor. One that brings the right information, interaction or offer, to the right person, and at the right time.”

Hotelchamp’s Autopilot is not a chatbot—it customizes static hotel websites using a range of marketing techniques and tools. With a seamless integration, the result is a living, responsive and personalized experience, guiding guests through the entire direct booking process depending on their characteristics and needs.

Hotelchamp’s data science team developed Autopilot using years of data and hundreds of millions of A/B test impressions on what exactly convinces guests to book direct. Autopilot applies this knowledge against a range of factors; including real-time data from a hotel’s website, GDPR-compliant visitor insights and behavior, and best practices from among Hotelchamp’s thousands of hotels.

“We developed Autopilot to make it easy, not just for hoteliers, but also for guests to see the best information on the website,” Valk said. “Autopilot makes direct bookings smarter—not harder.”