HotelREZ completes interface with Cubilis by Stardekk

(HotelREZ completes interface with Cubilis by Stardekk)

HotelREZ Hotels and Resorts has completed a full XML-certified connection with Cubilis by Stardekk. Based in Bruges, Belgium, Cubilis is a leading online reservation and channel management system for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and rental properties.
The certified two-way XML connection will allow Cubilis hotel customers to distribute real-time rates and inventory to the global distribution systems primarily used by travel agents, as well as millions of other bookers worldwide whose websites are powered by the GDS. With the help of its own custom-built PMS interface, REZSwitch, HotelREZ is capable of supporting virtually any PMS or channel manager provider, with seamless two-way connectivity to its CRS.
In addition to GDS distribution, HotelREZ will provide Cubilis customers with access to a range of new booker markets, via its global sales programme, which includes corporate and MICE RFP generation, in addition to a wide range of preferred travel agencies and consortia partnerships worldwide.
“The certified connection with HotelREZ will give Cubilis customers not only the direct connectivity to the GDSs, but also provide them with access to the HotelREZ renowned sales program which includes an extensive network of preferred agency partners around the world,” Cubilis CEO Vincent Goemaere said.