IDM Hospitality taps Sonifi for in-room entertainment

Hospitality management group IDM Hospitality has named technology provider Sonifi Solutions the company’s preferred vendor of choice going forward for hotel technology, including at new hotels in Minnesota and Illinois.

The Hotel Millwright in Iowa’s Amana Colonies is one of IDM’s latest properties to implement Sonifi’s technology. Guests can use Sonifi’s interactive TV platform to stream content from more than 2,000 apps, watch TV, access information about the community and explore the hotel’s amenities and services. 

The hotel, a repurposed part of Amana’s still-in-use textile mill, fuses modern industrial design principles while maintaining historic elements.

“Sonifi’s technology is modern and very user-friendly, meeting guest demands of today and tomorrow,” said Becky Rogers, IDM’s VP of new business and development. “Their solutions fully represent our independent brand, and their teams genuinely care about the hotel and its success—all the qualities you want in a long-term partner.”

“Boutique hotels in the Midwest like Hotel Millwright are seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to guests who are looking for socially responsible, easily accessible alternatives to faraway urban vacations in the wake of COVID-19,” said Nick Clessuras, Sonifi’s SVP of sales. “IDM’s commitment to showcasing the unique appeal of smaller communities and revitalizing local tourism is something we’re excited to be part of in several additional projects in 2021.”