Instaroom launches AI FAQ bot

The new FAQ bot can be integrated into a hotel’s homepage and reduces incoming inquiries by up to 40 percent. Photo credit: Instaroom (Instaroom launches AI FAQ bot)

Instaroom, an AI-powered messaging platform, launched its new artificial intelligence FAQ bot designed to intuitively answer commonly asked customer questions and reduce hotel management costs.

The new FAQ bot, which now comes with premium subscriptions, can be integrated into a hotel’s home page and reduces incoming inquiries by up to 40 percent, consequently decreasing inbound phone calls and emails. Instaroom also is offering hoteliers white-label bots to specifically fit a property, automating everything from bookings and in-house inquiries, like roomservice and concierge, to fully customizable integrations and personalizations.  

“Every day hoteliers are answering the same questions over and over again, including when are breakfast hours, what are parking costs, and how much for a room,” Instaroom co-founder and CEO Niklas Pettersson said in a statement. “Over the course of a year, thousands of employee hours are being wasted. We’ve designed an intelligent bot that customers can interact with on a hotel’s website and our beta results show that nearly 50 percent of visitors are using the widgets. The product has increased efficiency for hoteliers, but it’s also making the customer journey much more user-friendly in an era where consumers expect quick results.”

“Incorporating the new FAQ bots into our hotel interface will make a considerable impact to our everyday operations,” said David Rietveld, GM at Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire. “Intelligently automating responses to repetitive customer questions will allow us to reduce our incoming emails and phone calls, decreasing our staff time and incrementally increasing our profits.”