Instaroom launches new messaging ecosystem for hoteliers

The platform offers a full analytics dashboard, which includes average response time, geolocation, engagements, conversions, leads, revenue and other metrics. Photo credit: Instaroom (Instaroom analytics)

Messaging platform Instaroom launches its new communication product that gives hoteliers a web-based concierge platform. Instaroom’s platform includes a customizable, white-label widget for hotel websites, analytics tools and full messaging integration that enables hoteliers to establish a tether to new and returning guests, increase direct bookings and lower distribution costs.

Instaroom engages prospective customers and supports in-house guests through one seamless, user-friendly platform. The solution offers a branded, automated website widget, localization and personalization that greets all customers in their native language. Instaroom also centralizes all communications across different messaging platforms, including Facebook, WeChat, email and more.

The platform is mobile optimized, offers hoteliers URL tracking so management can see what guests were browsing before and after messaging the hotel, and provides hoteliers with a full analytics dashboard, which includes average response time, geolocation, engagements, conversions, leads, revenue and other metrics. Instaroom also securely manages payments, providing a user-friendly confirmation process.

“The average hotel website only has a 2-percent conversation rate, in large part because hoteliers aren’t offering equal or better user experiences than big business-to-consumer travel sites,” Instaroom co-founder and CEO Niklas Pettersson said in a statement. “Nearly nine out of 10 millennials prefer messaging to other communication—and more than half of all travelers will be millennials by 2025. It’s time for hoteliers to embrace the next generation of travelers and connect with them using an intuitive, centralized messaging ecosystem that connects travelers directly with hoteliers and keeps consumers on your website.”

First Hotels, a collection of hotels with more than 90 properties throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Spain, was one of the first hotel partners to use Instaroom’s beta technology.

“Since integrating Instaroom, our hotels are generating and capitalizing on more direct revenue opportunities, while also bringing us closer to our customers,” said Cecilia Mauritzson, GM of First Hotel Twentyseven in Copenhagen, Denmark. “The platform enhances the digital experience, leading to more engaged prospective consumers and happier in-house guests.”

Instaroom is currently developing artificial intelligence bots, designed to intuitively answer commonly asked customer questions and reduce hotel management costs. The AI bots will be integrated into the Instaroom platform later this summer.