Intelity, FreshBed partner for integration

Hospitality technology platform Intelity has partnered and integrated with FreshBed—a bed with full control climate capabilities. The relationship lets hotel guests adjust their complete sleep environment directly from a bedside smartroom tablet or mobile app powered by the Intelity platform. 

The Swiss-engineered FreshBed ergonomic mattress aims to encourage quicker and deeper sleep with fewer interruptions through its temperature and humidity regulation and improved air quality. FreshBed uses a silent active airflow technology that's integrated into the foot of the bed to draw air in from the underside of the bed and push it through a medical-grade HEPA filter. The air is then purified, removing pollen, fine particles, allergens, virus carriers, bacteria, and more. The purified air is evenly distributed through the FreshBed mattress also preventing dust mites.

Already available at RH Guesthouse in New York City, a hotel developed by Restoration Hardware, the FreshBed and Intelity integration helps guests to adjust the room through a targeted sleep mode that automatically sets up the FreshBed and the entire room from the tablet.

Similar to the Intelity platform’s room controls capabilities to regulate in-room temperature, entertainment and lighting controls from smart room tablets at RH Guesthouse, the FreshBed integration offers dual temperature regulation for couples traveling together.