Leading Hotels of the World selects ops, management platform

The Leading Hotels of the World portfolio has selected Alice by Actabl as one of its exclusive vendors providing housekeeping, guest services and service delivery technology solutions. LHW entered into this agreement as part of a commitment to improve hotel operations through strategic investments in technology solutions.  

“With its proven results and continuous innovation, Alice by Actabl is a natural fit for Leading Hotels of the World, and its advanced technology platform has been instrumental in paving the way for further operational excellence across our organization," said Michael Lederman, VP of information technology at Leading Hotels of the World, in a statement. "Prior to this expanded relationship, Alice was enabled at 35 Leading Hotels of the World properties, and today we are ensuring that all our member hotels have access to the most effective technology for managing operations, improving efficiency, and most importantly providing our discerning guests with the highest possible level of service.” 

Alice by Actabl aims to provide management and staff at LHW properties with enhanced efficiency in managing daily tasks and guest-related requests. The tools will work across front of house, housekeeping and service delivery to help hotel staff maximize task efficiency and accuracy, while providing swifter response times to guest requests. 

“True to its name, Leading Hotels of the World truly possesses one of the most eclectic and impressive portfolios the world over, and today we are entering into a collaboration to officially empower each of these properties with the tools they need to streamline operational efficiency and meet the compounding, evolving needs of guests tomorrow and beyond,” Actabl CEO Steven Moore said. “In this era of smart data, integrating the right technology solutions into your hotel’s daily operations is vital. Alice by Actabl provides superior task management, real-time communication, and operational analytics that reduce the complexity and chaos of hotel operations, allowing them to run at maximum efficiency. We look forward to serving the growing needs of LHW and their properties around the globe.” 

LHW’s agreement with Actabl was brokered by DayBlink GPO, a strategic sourcing provider for independently owned and operated luxury hotels.  LHW has more than 400 hotels and resorts in more than 80 countries.