Luma Hotel San Francisco adds two new delivery robots

Luma Hotel San Francisco adds two new robots for a  tech-forward in-room delivery experience. Luma has launched this new collection with custom 3D-printed beverage carriers, specially designed for the safe delivery of coffee direct to a guest’s hotel room, in addition to other offerings available at the property. 

The arrival of Lucy and Lumie robots marks Luma as the first hotel to offer robot coffee delivery and the only California property to house three on-site robots, with the introduction of its first robot Henry.

“Since our inception, Luma has continued to develop exceptional programming and amenities that truly set us apart from other properties within the destination,” General Manager Lee Severino said in a statement. “Luma embodies a forward-thinking approach and with the expansion of our digital curator collection in addition to these custom carriers, we’ve created a seamless and convenient experience that integrates advanced technology with a sense of playfulness for the ultimate  guest experience.” 

Derived from the latin root of light and Luma's namesake of “bright light,” the two new robots join veteran curator Henry as Lucy and Lumie. Available for high-tech quick service, the new robots are equipped to deliver hot beverages and other items to a guest’s hotel room as a result of the custom 3D printed carriers – whether ordering Sightglass coffee and a Craftsman & Wolves pastry from TWYNE Coffee Bar located on the Community level of Luma, or snacks, beer and wine from the hotel’s Bodega. Guests scan a QR code to place their TWYNE order and once complete, the robots take it from there, calling the elevator, selecting the appropriate floor, arriving at the guest’s hotel room door and dialing the in-room telephone to announce their arrival.