Maestro expands integrated mobile operations

Group event operations is the No. 2 profit center for many properties, so automating sales and catering processes with a strong system that increases staff productivity and supports a smooth-running operation is essential. Maestro’s sales and catering development roadmap outlines a suite of new functionality that takes group sales and event management to the next level.
“Maestro’s sales and catering module is already a robust, widely installed solution,” Maestro PMS President Warren Dehan said in a statement. “We worked with our users to add enhanced functionality to support more complex sales and catering operations. We strengthened our system with the newest mobile and cloud-based technology, e-Signature capture, room diagramming, online group member management, event amenity requirements, [customer-relationship management] capabilities and more.”

Maestro’s new e-Signature capability helps operators close more business by letting clients execute digital contracts remotely to save time. By virtue of being a directly integrated solution, the strengths of Maestro’s sales and catering module include aspects not available in interfaced solutions, including features such as: 

  • Single-guest itinerary that includes group activities and meetings;
  • Revenue-management strategies can be pushed from front desk;
  • Recognize payments and other postings in sales and catering made to the group master;
  • Fully automated group resume’ showing a comprehensive picture of guest rooms and food-and-beverage to the guest or group;
  • Send, receive and manage traces across modules; and
  • Consistent look and feel of the property-management system and sales and catering to reduce training. 

Maestro sales and catering property software is fully integrated with Maestro’s front-office system on one single-image database that reduces group folio rekeying and simplifies accounting. The system is accessible via Windows or web browser deployable as part of the integrated PMS solution either on-premises or hosted in the cloud. The sales and catering system may also be used with tablets and mobile devices for greater flexibility.