Maestro PMS launches MezzoPay embedded payments

Maestro PMS adds MezzoPay as its new embedded payment processing solution. Powered by Fullsteam, MezzoPay equips hoteliers with the ability to offer seamless and secure transaction capabilities directly embedded within the hotel PMS.

Using MezzoPay, hotels partnered with Maestro PMS can eliminate the need for third-party payment processing gateways. MezzoPay is closely linked to Maestro, allowing operators to strip away layers of processing between guests and payment, reducing friction and providing a smoother customer experience open to fewer manual errors. The result for travelers is a faster check-in and check-out process and a more trustworthy payment portal, while operators gain access to more impactful transactional data and extensive insight into their property’s financial performance.

MezzoPay was made available to U.S. hoteliers as of April and is targeted to roll out to Canadian hoteliers in the third quarter. Operators with access to MezzoPay have slashed third-party overhead fees and adopted a simpler transaction overflow that makes use of modern payment terminals.

Other benefits of MezzoPay include:

  • Built-in PCI compliance tools, including data breach protection designed to deter data theft and alert business owners when a breach has occurred.
  • Improved security through tokenized credit card data.
  • Access to an internal payments dashboard within the Maestro PMS dashboard.
  • Reconciliation reports automatically delivered to hotel operators daily.
  • Direct assistance from Maestro PMS’ support team, eliminating the need to interact with third parties.
  • Securely accept tap to pay payments via contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and other digital wallets.
  • Direct integration within your hotel’s website, including compatibility with a range of e-commerce platforms.
  • Access to MerchantTrack, a credit card processing reporting tool, directly through Maestro PMS. MerchantTrack allows hoteliers to closely monitor their payment transactions for sales trends, transaction volume data and more.

“Hoteliers and travelers alike are seeking secure, reliable systems for payment processing and we are excited and honored to reveal MezzoPay as Maestro’s antidote to their concerns,” Warren Dehan, president of Maestro PMS, said in a statement. “MezzoPay is built from the ground up to be embedded directly into Maestro PMS, and was designed to simplify payment processing at a time when it is at its most complex. MezzoPay strips this process down to the bare essentials for guests while gathering invaluable purchasing data for hoteliers. We believe MezzoPay will help even the playing field for hoteliers at a time when technology costs and complexity continue to grow, and we are thrilled to offer this technology to all Maestro users as soon as possible.”