Meininger Hotels partners with Serenata CRM

Meininger Hotels CCO Doros Theodorou [left] and CEO of Serenata CRM Dieter Dirnberger officially sign the partnership agreement. Photo credit: Serenata CRM (Meininger Hotels partners with Serenata CRM)

Berlin-based Meininger Hotels has partnered with Serenata CRM. Within the framework of this partnership, the Meininger Group will use the Serenata customer-relationship-management suite for its business-to-consumer activities. For its business-to-business activities, the rapidly expanding hotel group also will use Serenata’s business CRM, which can be integrated into the CRM suite through an add-on application.
“Using the Serenata CRM Suite solution will allow us to access additional revenue streams,” Meininger Hotels Chief Commercial Officer Doros Theodorou said in a statement. “Our main goal is to strengthen long-term customer loyalty to our brand by increasing customer satisfaction. By gaining targeted insight into guests’ preferences and interests, we will be able to significantly increase the customer experience. Other goals include intensifying direct business and simplifying check-in processes for the guest and the front office.”
Meininger Hotels will use the Serenata CRM Suite to personalize guest communication and automatically send it out to customers. In future, guest newsletters and marketing campaigns will also be distributed using the campaign manager function integrated into the CRM suite. The system is specifically designed to support hotel operations through an optimal guest recognition function.
Serenata CRM will integrate into Meininger Hotels’ property-management system. Through two-way integration into the PMS, central CRM guest profiles can be automated or manually distributed to every single hotel of the Meininger Group. This allows the front office ready access to the profiles during check-in.