Mexico's Grupo Habita partners with SiteMinder

Mexico's Grupo Habita has partnered with SiteMinder to capitalize on the rise of international tourists to the country. SiteMinder has developed third-party connectivity with a network of more than 600 partners that include hotel marketing channels, management systems, central reservations systems and revenue management systems to streamline and simplify data for all hotels.

Grupo Habita, which launched at a time when Mexico City struggled to appeal to international leisure travelers, has brought leisure tourism into less-traveled destinations. The hotel group has amassed 12 lifestyle properties across Mexico, as well as two in the United States.

“Mexico is witnessing tourism demand increase every year; however, we see that the local hotel sector is largely not yet equipped with new technologies to benefit from that trend, especially small hotel businesses,” Ernesto Solis, corporate director of e-commerce and revenue management at Grupo Habita, said in a statement. “Fortunately, we are seeing more and more hotels incorporate technology into their strategies, to access more markets and revenue streams, and Grupo Habita wanted to take that step in order to innovate. Our hotel staff now use SiteMinder’s platform constantly and are delighted with the possibilities it offers.”

Mexico ranked as the sixth most visited country in the world in 2017, with 39.3 million international visitors. It is expected to achieve a new record in 2018, having attracted more than 30.5 million international visitors during the first nine months, which is up 6.8 percent based on year-over-year figures.

Grupo Habita is currently working on future destinations, including the remodeling of a mansion in Puebla, Mexico, and new properties in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.