Mexican hotel chains add Nuvola technology

Mexican hotel companies Royal Resorts, Velas Resorts and Mundo Imperial Hotels & Resorts have added Nuvola’s hotel optimization and guest engagement software.

“Digital services have proven to be a crucial method in managing, tracking, and empowering communications across the many different departments within a hotel,” said Angel Estrada, executive resorts operations manager of Royal Resorts. “Our team and guests have greatly benefited from the use of Nuvola and we look forward to deepening our partnership.”

Nuvola’s technology lets team members communicate with each other as well as with guests. Staff of each resort can receive, respond and provide an update to guest-specific requests in real-time from a desktop or mobile device.

“Multichannel use of software services plays a large role in our ability to effectively use the technology to enhance services," said Rodrigo Nolasco, corporate IT director of Velas Resorts. “Nuvola’s ability to track, monitor and respond to requests and operational issues from any device has been essential to the success we have found since deploying the platform. The functionality of the platform has been easy to integrate into our system and has identified Nuvola as a valued partner of our resorts.”

Nuvola’s platform gives employees access to an up-to-date overview of room stats and facility assessments, ensuring guest requests and accommodations are attended to promptly. From a management standpoint, workloads and performance improvements can be made accordingly based on an accurate view of occupancy.

“The ability to gather internal data on operational processes is an essential part of improving services and setting a resort apart from others on the market,” said Angelica Garcia, quality control manager of Mundo Imperial. “Operationally speaking, we have already seen a great improvement on optimizing communications and delivering an elevated guest experience. As travel continues to ramp back up, we are thrilled to be working alongside Nuvola to ensure superior services.”