Mingus Software, Ariane Systems partner on online check-in

A new partnership between Mingus Software and Ariane Systems means guests no longer need to visit the reception desk. Photo credit: Mingus Software

Mingus Software has partnered with Ariane Systems to offer a new feature to its clients: online check-in. 

“Online check-in with Ariane Systems demonstrates our commitment to continue developing our Hotello software with the world's leading players," Mingus Software CEO Anaïs Berzi said in a statement. “This solution easily adapts to many types of establishments, including urban hotels and resorts looking to offer a new hospitality experience, or cottages and rental buildings that want to welcome guests without requiring them to use the reception desk and suffer all the constraints that this entails. It is also ideal for all establishments that offer self-service stays.” 

This user-friendly feature not only optimizes the customer experience, but also saves considerable time. It allows guests to check in from their mobile phone or computer before they arrive. A pre-authorization is then automatically processed on the credit card used, which offers a payment guarantee to the owner of the accommodation. In addition, a dashboard makes it easy for staff to track check-ins and check-outs, thereby ensuring better management. 

For their part, guests enjoy complete autonomy and no longer need to visit the reception desk, which cuts down on time spent queuing and makes it possible for reception staff to devote more time and energy to guest satisfaction.