New Castle Hotels launches data aggregation tool

New Castle Hotels & Resorts, along with software engineers from Tectonic and Salesforce, has developed a proprietary data aggregation and reporting tool, RevDash, that compiles data from multiple platforms into a dashboard with clear charts and graphs.

RevDash pulls relevant statistics from each hotel’s forecasting platform, competitive set data source, on-the-books intelligence and brand revenue extracts, combining it into comprehensive charts and graphs that compare average daily rate, occupancy, and revenue to budget, forecast and the previous two years. Data is delivered in daily, weekly, monthly and multimonth graphics.

The dashboard highlights areas of opportunity and is meant to save property-level professionals time by reducing the number of screens and dashboards GMs and revenue managers typically consult.

“This new, proprietary tool combines relevant information from a variety of platforms into one dashboard, making the aggregation of data, and subsequent decision making, sound, seamless and much quicker,” said Guido Kerpel, COO at New Castle Hotels & Resorts. “Previously, it would take an hour or more to collect and digest relevant data from four different sources. Now our revenue management team can provide owners with a daily snapshot in about 20 minutes. Issues and opportunities are immediately apparent, so general managers can start their day with accurate information from overnight uploads and know where to focus their teams’ energies.”

RevDash soon will provide digital-marketing and reputation-management metrics in the same graphic format to give management insight into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

“During this recovery period, owners will be taking a serious look at every aspect of a hotel’s operation,” said Julian Buffam, partner, New Castle Hotels & Resorts. “RevDash provides transparency in a simple, highly visual way that quickly demonstrates our expertise and focus on critical operational metrics.”