New Control4 driver works for music streaming

Control4 Corporation now integrates with SoundMachine, a music subscription service that delivers a hassle-free commercial music experience for hotels, restaurants and bars. This new integration enables businesses that use Control4 to stream SoundMachine playlists, artists and tracks without installing additional hardware devices, while being easily controlled using the Control4 system.
Commercial business owners use Control4 capabilities to easily manage lighting, thermostats, shades, TVs, audio and more on a daily basis. Simple one-touch solutions allow for convenient ways to quickly start up everything needed at the beginning of the work day and shut down everything at the end of the day.

A button on a keypad, a touchscreen or even an app on a mobile device can initiate entire scenes, meaning lights are set to a certain percentage, music begins playing from selected zones, TVs turn on to preferred channels, and thermostats are adjusted, all simultaneously from one command.