Optii integrates with Sojern

Optii Solutions now integrates with Sojern, a digital marketing platform built for travel. This new integration aims to provide hoteliers with a comprehensive and seamless end-to-end guest experience solution, spanning from guest messaging to operational action.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to modernize hotel operations through innovative technology," Optii Solutions CEO Katherine Grass said in a statement. "This is a win for hoteliers, guests and staff alike. Hoteliers can automate, manage and measure guest requests while hotel staff can avoid administrative work and focus on what they do best, ultimately resulting in an improved guest experience."

Optii Solutions has an advanced platform that automates hotel housekeeping, maintenance and operations management. Its cloud-based software aims to help hotels boost staff productivity, reduce costs and elevate the overall guest experience. By integrating with Sojern’s guest experience solutions—which includes an AI smart concierge, reputation manager and guest marketing suite with CRM— hoteliers can connect with their guests on the guests’ preferred platform and devices and automate and assign the necessary guest requests and actions.

This streamlined workflow enables efficient management of housekeeping, maintenance and service requests. By combining these solutions, hoteliers can create a more personalized and responsive guest experience, ultimately resulting in increased guest satisfaction, improved online review scores and loyalty. Automation and improved communication also lead to reduced labor costs and operational inefficiencies, enabling hotels to optimize their resources effectively.