Vancouver's Opus Hotel selects Ivy smart concierge for guests

Ivy uses text or voice messaging and leverages human expertise and automation to resolve Opus Vancouver guests' requests instantly. Photo credit: Go Moment (Opus Hotel selects Ivy smart concierge for guests)

Opus Vancouver in British Columbia has installed Go Moment’s smart concierge Ivy. Now, following check-in, guests staying at the luxury property are greeted by Ivy, who actively responds to common questions and personalizes their stay at every touchpoint, enabling guests to communicate with the ease of messaging.
“We are already getting fantastic feedback from our guests about how much they love their super helpful ‘personal’ concierge,” Opus Vancouver GM Nicholas Gandossi said in a statement. “Through Ivy, our guests learn and seamlessly book exciting outings, dinners, massages, spa appointments in and around Vancouver. Ivy not only created a personalized experience for our guests, but she has developed a personality as a member of our team. People always ask to meet her and thank her for her help.”
Powered by advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, Ivy uses text or voice messaging and leverages human expertise and automation to resolve guest requests instantly, freeing up hotel staff to focus on high-value interactions and enhancing the overall guest experience. By leveraging intelligence gained through millions of interactions, Ivy uses exclusive data to understand guest behaviors, ensuring communications are natural and intuitive. The engagements are designed to not only increase revenue per guest stay but also to provide guests up-to-date information on hotel services and activities at their fingertips.
Ivy is also responsible for checking in on guests’ satisfaction mid-stay. In the event of a negative response, Ivy passes the issue along to the hotel, allowing for a proactive fix to be made before a negative review comes in.