OTA Insight introduces geographic pricing intelligence

Th Rate Insight update was built in direct response to the need for more than one geo-specific vantage point. Photo credit: OTA Insight (OTA Insight introduces geo point-of-sale innovation )

OTA Insight introduced a new add-on to Rate Insight, the company’s rate and market-intelligence platform. The Parity point-of-sale add-on allows hoteliers to investigate rate disparity in different geo-specific source markets.

As a hotelier, it’s vital to have a dynamic, real-time view of pricing on different points-of-sale across distribution channels. This update was built in direct response to this growing industrywide need for more than one geo-specific vantage point.

For strategic reasons, brand.com and online travel agencies often display prices that change according to the country-level information in a user's IP address. But what happens when disparity arises between the rates shown on a hotel's booking engine and a third-party channel for such source markets?

With unlimited live shopping, this new add-on helps identify these geographic discrepancies. Tapping into select source markets in North America, Europe and Asia, it offers actionable proof of disparity for revenue and distribution managers, helping minimize revenue loss and maximize profit.

“As distribution strategies become more sophisticated based on geographic and demographic targeting, it’s critical our users have access to the data and tools to make effective decisions,” OTA Insight CEO Sean Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “Offering this unique geo point-of-sale feature ensures our users have the most comprehensive market intelligence available to drive actionable insights that really inform their revenue strategy.”