Perry Hotel Key West finds new way to engage guests

By implementing Alice, Perry Hotel staff are now provided with a single channel of communication. Photo credit: Alice (Perry Hotel finds a new way to engage guests)

The Perry Hotel Key West (Fla.) has chosen Alice to optimize staff communication and enhance the level of guest service. Before adopting Alice, operations at the hotel were carried out via radio. Without the ability to record exchanges and requests, staff were often unsure when or if a task had been completed, making it difficult to keep track of staff activity and accountability. 

By implementing Alice, staff are now provided with a single channel of communication, enabling operations to become streamlined and efficient as employees can save valuable time. Along with staff communication, task management is another element of operations that has been centralized via Alice. Now, all guest requests and internal work orders are handled through Alice. 

Via the application, guests can submit requests from anywhere on the property, with the staff member closest to the guest addressing the issue. This improves the staff response time and means that guests no longer need to follow up with staff to check on the progress of their requests. For staff, this single source cuts down on the steps needed to complete requests and provides assurance that requests and work orders are going to the right department.
An additional benefit of Alice is that it also creates a history so that patterns can be detected. This has been particularly useful for the maintenance department, which can catch recurring issues sooner. Maintenance also appreciates Alice for other functionality, like photo attachments. Now, if there’s a crack in the wall, they can take a photo and the manager will receive a text message immediately. If this hasn’t been accepted by the manager after five minutes, then a notification will be escalated internally. For staff this hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

“Alice has proven to be a very effective tool for both our staff as well as our guests.” Perry Hotel Assistant GM Adelheid Salas said in a statement. “We always have it at our fingertips.”