Puzzle Partner, Phocuswright and StayNTouch team up

Puzzle Partner content

Puzzle Partner has partnered with Phocuswright and StayNTouch for research-oriented content for hotel and travel audiences. StayNTouch recently signed on with Puzzle Partner to power its content-marketing strategy, which aligns in-depth Phocuswright intelligence with decades of hands-on industry experience.

Puzzle Partner uses storytelling skills to frame the research and create branded content. The unique, analytics-based approach enables StayNTouch to help hotels more deeply understand their guest's needs, explore the impacts of future trends, and discover how the latest technology will keep them competitive and profitable.

“There is a great deal of content these days within the hotel technology sector and having purpose-oriented data helps StayNTouch reach out to prospects on a much higher level by surfacing important business insights,” said Jos Schaap, CEO of StayNTouch. “We are continually innovating, and the Phocuswright data shows that we are unquestionably headed in the right direction.”

Puzzle Partner and Phocuswright currently offer a content-development program that uses premium data and analysis from the Phocuswright research library to develop high-level educational articles and white papers that enable brands to tap into the hotel and travel ecosystem and drive results.