Radisson Fort Worth North-Fossil Creek upgrades network

The Radisson Fort Worth North-Fossil Creek updated its technology to eliminate poor internet connections and Wi-Fi dead zones within certain areas of the hotel. Photo credit: Hotel Internet Services (Radisson Fort Worth North-Fossil Creek upgrades network)

The Radisson Fort Worth (Texas) North-Fossil Creek implemented an advanced Wi-Fi service upgrade from Hotel Internet Services. Using the latest Ruckus access point and Brocade switch solutions during the upgrade process, HIS ensured that the property can adequately cater to the highest demands in online guest connectivity throughout all hotel areas.

Previously experiencing poor internet connections and Wi-Fi dead zones within certain areas of the hotel, the Radisson recognized the need to update its network infrastructure in order to address the priority that guests place on obtaining a fast and responsive online experience. 

Hotel leadership addressed hospitality-focused connectivity issues to ultimately ensure a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal that could accommodate a multitude of guest devices simultaneously. This was achieved with HIS technicians implementing state-of-the-art Ruckus access points. These were used to ensure high-performance connectivity regardless of a guest's location within the hotel, what they are attempting to access or perform online or the number of devices connected to the network.

"A hotel's reputation and its ability to provide a satisfactory experience is increasingly being defined by the quality of guest Wi-Fi services, so it is essential that properties work with a reputable provider such as HIS to ensure that this vital need is fully addressed," the hotel's GM, Rick Harrison, said in a statement. "Hotel Internet Services not only stands apart in being able to provide the necessary technology to meet the highest guest expectations, but its commitment to exceptional customer service also ensures that we remain fully informed on how our network is performing, along with the ability to receive immediate assistance the moment that any issue arises."

Able to access HIS support services on a 24/7 basis, guests at the Fort Worth property are able to swiftly resolve an array of potential issues that may surface when attempting to use the Wi-Fi service. This includes providing Wi-Fi card driver assistance for guest devices experiencing issues, as well as any difficulties with guests in overcoming issues with accessing email accounts or in setting up a virtual private network connection.