RateGain launches smart distribution

According to Chinmai Sharma, RateGain's president of distribution, smart distribution offers hoteliers a large ecosystem of demand channels. Photo credit: RateGain

RateGain unveiled its smart distribution solution, providing hoteliers with the ability to discover and receive recommendations on new demand opportunities, auto contract with new channels, set up content and automatically map product on new channels and solve other ailments that traditionally have been issues with electronic distribution.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, smart distribution enables hotels to understand and optimize source markets and channels, benchmark with similar hotels and automate and innovate in terms of self-service and advanced room mapping. This will free hoteliers to adopt a proactive operational strategy rather than being reactive and operate with a “test and see” model.

Some of the features offered under smart distribution include:

  • Channel discovery: Discover new demand and source markets and seamlessly contract with new channels to unlock new revenue streams based on true market intelligence.
  • Benchmark key performance indicators like average daily rate and roomnights. Compare to similar anonymized hotels and a hotel’s performance last year based on aggregated data.
  • Auto-mapping: Automatically map room and rate combinations for the property with mapping recommender and reduce time to market to fractions of the current time and effort

“Our smart distribution solution is a direct response to challenges faced by hoteliers of every size every day,” Chinmai Sharma, RateGain's president of distribution, said in a statement. “All our partners from independent hoteliers to hotel chains have been telling us for some time that connectivity alone does not solve the biggest obstacles they face in distribution and in optimizing their revenue streams. We have co-developed and validated smart distribution with some of our key forward-looking customers and are proud to offer it to the world.”