Regal Hospitality adds ProfitSword business intelligence system

The Sheraton Suites Columbus (Ohio) Worthington is part of Regal Hospitality's portfolio. Photo credit: Marriott International (Sheraton Suites Columbus Worthington)

Software developer ProfitSword has installed its suite of business intelligence solutions in hotels managed by Regal Hospitality. 
Regal Hospitality initially sought to eliminate inefficiencies caused by using Excel spreadsheets, including its representing a substantial drain on employee time and the need to verify the accuracy of business performance reports. After researching several BI solution providers, the hotel management company selected ProfitSword due to the company’s ability to integrate with all of the various systems in use by Regal’s properties. Both hotel employees and corporate leadership will be able to access analytics in real-time, including guest satisfaction survey scores and STR reports. Regal’s teams can further minimize the time needed to analyze data by setting up customized reports reflecting performance for an employee’s specific areas of responsibility, and that can be scheduled to be automatically generated on a preset basis.
Using ProfitSword’s sales module, Regal Hospitality also can monitor the performance of each of its individual sales team members. This advantage ensures that progress towards achieving specific sales goals can be viewed in real-time, providing the opportunity to identify employees who may require additional training to boost results.   
In addition to integrating with a hotel’s sales software, ProfitSword can also integrate with labor resource and payroll management systems. For example, Regal Hospitality is set to leverage ProfitSword’s strategic partnership with Hotel Effectiveness, a provider of labor-management software. The integration will allow Regal Hospitality to identify the most efficient allocation of staff members to ensure that high-traffic departments are sufficiently staffed, while eliminating any unnecessary costs as a result of overstaffing. Regal Hospitality is further working toward integrating ProfitSword with its inventory-management operations. This will ultimately provide hotel staff with the ability to instantly determine how much of an item remains in stock and through ProfitSword’s forecasting abilities and can identify if an item needs to be replenished to meet upcoming demand before low inventory levels affect guest experiences.   
“With the sheer mass of data that a hotel generates in just one day, hospitality professionals need a solution that can serve as a single, user-friendly source to instantly access such information and we are honored that Regal Hospitality sees the value that we can provide in solving this crucial challenge,” said Paul Bennie, director of business development at ProfitSword. “We are extremely pleased to hear that the hotel management company is already encountering multiple enhanced efficiencies, and look forward to seeing them leverage our solution even more to grow their business and expand its market share.”