Relay Robotics launches high-capacity delivery robot

Relay Robotics has introduced its newest hotel robot, Relay2. Relay2 delivers twice the capacity (10 gallons, 41 liters) of earlier models while maintaining Relay’s design to promote guest engagement.

The Relay2 comes at a key economic time since more than 402,000 jobs remain unfilled in leisure and hospitality, leaving 87 percent of hotels short-staffed, according to the recent AHLA survey.

Relay2 leverages Relay’s proprietary elevator technology to support all elevators from the major elevator companies including OTIS, Schindler, TK, Mitsubishi and KONE. This lets Relay2 navigate throughout a hotel and deliver items from the front desk or kitchen directly to hotel guestrooms within an average time of four minutes.

"We’re excited to introduce Relay2 and bring more value to hotel owners and staff with a larger, more versatile robot and accessories to deliver better guest experiences,” Relay Robotics Chairman and CEO Michael O’Donnell said in a statement. “Our hotel customers love Relay1 but asked us to make it larger to handle the newer realities of takeout deliveries from companies like UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash, and more fully integrate into their hotel operations.”

Relay robots are sold on a monthly subscription basis or RaaS (robots as a service).

"Hôtel Monville has had our Relay robot for several years and we are excited about the newly designed and enhanced Relay2,” said Jean-Cédric Callies, director of sales and marketing, Hôtel Monville, Montreal. “The multifunctional accessories allow delivery of wine bottles and new items that provides us with a valuable opportunity to integrate additional hotel services, which will delight our guests and create a more memorable experience."