Revinate unveils hotel email marketing benchmark report

Photo credit: Revinate

Revinate released its "2018 Hotel Email Marketing Benchmark Report," a free resource that helps hoteliers benchmark email marketing performance against other hotels and gain insight into how to drive more revenue from email marketing campaigns. 

To create the report, Revinate analyzed more than 77 million emails sent from Revinate Marketing customers in the Europe, Middle East and Africa; North America; and Asia Pacific regions. Hoteliers can benchmark their performance against their peers across categories like database size, segmentation, campaign performance, upsell conversion, return on investment from email, and much more. 

Key findings include: 

  • UK and Ireland have the largest average guest database size, with more than 45,000 unique reachable profiles per hotel. Those two markets are followed by North America (more than 33,000) and the Middle East (more than 25,000). 

  • Segmentation drives a 20 percent higher open rate, a 70 percent higher click-through rate and 73 percent higher revenue per recipient than non-segmented campaigns.
The EMEA region sees the highest average open rate for one-time campaigns at 18.5 percent, followed by Asia Pacific (16.8 percent) and North America (15.6 percent). 
EMEA properties also lead the ranking in average conversion rate (0.63 percent).
Coincidentally, EMEA hotels send half the volume of email compared to hotels in North 
America, on average. 

  • Prearrival upsell campaigns sent two to four days before check-in see higher upsell conversion than campaigns sent outside that window.
Transactional emails see the highest engagement, with confirmation and modification emails getting up to 70 percent open rates and 17 percent CTR, while welcome emails sent to guests upon check-in get an average open rate of 50 percent and 13 percent CTR.

“Through our analysis of tens of millions of emails, we were pleased to see just how effective email marketing is for hoteliers worldwide,” Kelly Robb, Revinate’s senior director of marketing and growth, said in a statement. “We hope that this report will inspire the industry as a whole to further embrace email marketing as a sure-fire way to generate cost-effective direct bookings through smarter segmentation and personalization.”