Lauren Bucherie, Kimpton’s director of music and brand activation, customizes unique soundtracks for 140 distinct “musical identities” across the company'…

The platform creates better communications interdepartmentally and seamless data sharing between the systems.

The integrated experience allows users to make requests, control the room environment and access information.

The hotel TV smart ecosystem enables end users to work with a range of external partners, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The companies are combining energy-management products with in-room entertainment systems, making guestrooms more connected.

Guests can rent streamed video content from a continuously updated online library and use their voice to control television and room amenities.

The companies are working together for distribution sales of the Showtime hotel app, which allows hotels to provide free access to the Showtime service.

Guests staying in hotels with Evolve will be able to access their personal Netflix account directly from their guestroom TV.