Roomza launches personalized boutique licensing model

Roomza launches Roomza for Hotels, a licensing opportunity that allows hotels to create personalized boutique spaces within their existing establishments. According to Roomza, the model has demonstrated its ability to double room rates while significantly outperforming the upper-upscale market competition by an average of 50 percent, using recent sales data from Roomza Times Square in New York City.

Along with its marketing and 24/7 support, Roomza provides technology and intellectual property to transform traditional hotel spaces into highly personalized experiences that cater to the unique preferences of each guest. This approach not only enhances guest satisfaction but also substantially increases asset value and profitability for hotel owners, offering a compelling alternative to costly and outdated hotel franchising models. To guarantee an exclusive experience for premium-paying guests, Roomza restricts hotels to utilizing its platform for no more than 20 percent of their available rooms.

For hotel owners, Roomza for Hotels represents an exciting opportunity to differentiate in a crowded market and to grow both asset value and profitability. Hotels benefit from Roomza's AI-enabled revenue management, marketing and partnerships with brands like Dyson, Lather and By adopting the Roomza model, hotels can not only charge up to two times more for their rooms when compared to before, but also reduce their reliance on expensive online travel agencies.

Travelers can now experience Roomza Times Square at Pestana CR7, which opened last December in Midtown Manhattan. The company is poised to announce the opening dates for its Baltimore, Miami Beach and New Orleans locations in the first quarter of 2024.