Routier releases internal communication tool

Routier's new team chat allows for team members to communicate with each other at any time, in any place, across any department. Photo credit: Routier (Routier releases internal communication tool)

Routier has launched a team chat function, the newest addition to its hotel-management platform that helps hotels and hotel groups gain real-time insights into the performance levels of their properties and their own brand. This enables hoteliers to ensure the properties are functioning at an optimal level and bringing in the highest return on investment possible, in addition to maintaining a strong brand reputation. Staff can communicate, collaborate and engage with each other, across any department, via the team chat. 

“At the end of the day, it’s all about communication; in this case, internal communication,” Routier CTO Niv Penso said in a statement. “Team members need to communicate with each other as they fulfill their duties and responsibilities; this is the only way they are able to interact, learn, and better themselves, in turn bettering their performance and their business’s performance.”

Routier’s team chat resides in its hotel management platform, where users can easily access guest engagement activities and Routier’s ticket management platform. The team chat allows for team members to communicate with each other at any time, in any place, across any department in order to achieve collaboration and increase productivity. Additionally, the efficient communication system plays an important role in gathering operation related information and disseminating it across the organization.

“Our hotel-management platform is helping hotels automate processes that were once manual and tedious,” Routier CEO Gal Bareket said. “With our automated solution, departments have access to instant information thus increasing time efficiency and helping staff provide faster responses to guest requests or issues, improving guest satisfaction and staff productivity.”