Sage Hospitality Group centralizes guest data

Sage Hospitality Group has updated its CRM capabilities with the help of Salesforce technology, powered by Hapi. By leveraging Hapi’s Salesforce platform and Hapi Guest for Salesforce, Sage has reported accelerated results.

Before implementing Salesforce and Hapi, Sage had fragmented data sources without a comprehensive view of guest information. Hapi Guest, which runs on Salesforce, gave gave the Sage team the tools to centralize data sources and provide personalized guest engagements on one platform.

As a Salesforce partner, Hapi has secure, scalable cloud-based data streaming solutions for Salesforce customers. Hapi’s expertise in hospitality data integrations, combined with Salesforce's CRM solutions, have given Sage the tools to bring together multiple property management systems and their historical data onto one CRM platform.

This integration is helping Sage Hospitality build comprehensive guest profiles and offer more meaningful and timely guest engagements. With the ability to integrate data from various systems such as Wi-Fi, spa, table management, property management and sales and catering, Sage can now provide personalized marketing journeys.

“Sage is serious about investing in technology, especially when it comes to this next-generation CRM project,” Patrick Pahlke, EVP and chief commercial officer at Sage Hospitality Group, said in a statement. “By working with Salesforce and Hapi, we have made a major investment in being at the forefront of innovation and created a centralized engine that will deliver exceptional experiences for our guests for years to come.”