Shephard’s Beach Resort deploys new surveillance

Shephard’s Beach Resort, Clearwater, Fla., has implemented a network of security camera solutions from Hotel Internet Services. Serving as an entertainment destination on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Shephard’s Beach Resort is situated on nearly three acres of prime real estate, with its own beach joined by a wide range of amenities such as a salt bar and tap room, soak pool and an onsite Wave Night Club at the resort’s entertainment complex. Yet while featuring an extensive range of attractions and experiences, Shephard’s Beach Resort, due to its substantial property size, was in need of enhanced onsite security in order to ensure guest safety at all times and within all areas. 

Previously partnering with Hotel Internet Services to deploy guest Wi-Fi and in-room entertainment, resort leadership was already well-acquainted with the provider’s proven expertise and its ability to supply the latest advances in hospitality industry technology. Leveraging its decades worth of experience in deploying surveillance camera technology for hospitality-based businesses, HIS technicians immediately went to work on identifying the best hardware to install within specific resort areas. This included the installation of bullet and turret cameras, with bullet cameras serving as an easily recognizable sign that a location is being actively monitored, while turret cameras provide resort staff with enhanced control to gain added coverage visibility for specific areas.

“We are a very busy beachside resort with many outlets, so keeping an eye on all things that may arise across the property can be a challenge, which is why we partnered with Hotel Internet Services to improve our surveillance operations,” GM Paul Andrews said in a statement. “HIS, through their expertise and access to the latest in technology, has brought us into the 21st century. Not only is their system solid, but it is also very user-friendly for our staff. The installation process was seamless and their employees are always professional and efficient. These days, businesses need to rely on a good camera system and we now have that. Our insurance company wanted us to maintain several months of footage and Hotel Internet Service accomplished that for us. Hotel Internet Service has given us peace of mind with a reliable camera system, and outstanding service.”