SilverWare debuts contactless F&B platform

Drake Hotel Properties is using the new In-Seat Contactless Platform at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. Photo credit: SilverWare POS (SilverWare POS Drake Hotel Toronto)

A new customizable, mobile in-seat ordering, tipping and payment platform from SilverWare POS gives restaurant patrons touch-free control over their dining experiences. Guests scan a tableside QR code to upload a digital menu, order meals, split the check, add a tip and pay via their personal mobile devices.

“Restaurant guests still have concerns when it comes to in-seat dining, even if they are enjoying a meal outdoors,” said Lucky Thalas, SilverWare executive vice president. “To help build customer confidence and drive revenues for restaurant operations in today’s post-COVID environment, SilverWare developed a contactless platform that eliminates diners’ touch-point concerns. Our new In-Seat Contactless Platform is driven through the guest’s mobile device to minimize service staff interaction. By giving diners complete control over the ordering, reordering, tipping and payment processes, wait times to place orders are lessening and satisfaction is increasing, leading to higher check averages, faster table turns and more positive online reviews. With most restaurants still operating at 50 percent capacity, this is critical to their financial stability and the future of hospitality.”

SilverWare developed the purpose-built platform from the perspective of a seated guest. Menu items and prices are seamlessly synced from the restaurant’s point-of-sale system to the diner’s mobile device, enabling them to view the full menu, select a course, name seats for diners, tag allergies and even request expert service in real time.

Drake Hotel Properties is using the platform at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

“Our team at The Drake looked at how the In-Seat Contactless Platform worked, how its functionality met the needs of our staff and customers, and how easily it could be adapted to the various dining outlets we have at the hotel to suit our specific brand guidelines,” said Richardo Mighty, IT Manager for Drake Hotel Properties. “We were immediately impressed. It’s a sleek application that looks great on a mobile device and feels smooth to anyone using it. When we tell diners that a contactless ordering option is available, most are eager to try it, especially those who are comfortable with mobile ordering.”

Mighty said the technology has eliminated menu printing for the company.

“This is huge, especially since our restaurants change menus regularly. With the In-Seat Contactless Platform, management can easily go into the system, add or delete an item, change prices and it’s done. It’s that easy,” he said. “In addition to lowering costs, it’s also reducing our carbon footprint, making us a more sustainable company. Going forward, we anticipate that this application will help us increase our speed of service. This is important for busy nights when we still have limited staff on schedule. The more streamlined the service, the happier our guests will be. Overall, it’s a really good touch-free tool and we have already begun discussing how we plan to roll it out to the outer restaurants in our portfolio.”