SMS offers SQL database deployment in PMS

The Essex Resort & Spa in Essex Junction, Vt., installed SMS|Host 29 years ago. Photo credit: Springer-Miller Systems

Springer-Miller Systems now offers an SQL database deployment for its signature SMS|Host property-management system. Springer-Miller customers will now have an option to use a more contemporary database architecture or remain on the current model.
The Essex Resort & Spa in Essex Junction, Vt., which is managed by Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, installed SMS|Host 29 years ago, and continues to benefit from SMS|Host’s regular system upgrades introducing new features and functionality. Today, progress is underway to migrate the hotel’s PMS data to an SQL database engine. Using a SQL database, The Essex will benefit from enhanced security, have improved backups and database maintenance; ultimately reducing costs associated with system administration, downtime and data loss. 

"Migrating to SQL will allow our SMS|Host PMS to communicate more seamlessly with our other third-party software,” Tony Gaeta, VP of IT with Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, said in a statement.
Springer-Miller’s account-management team is working closely with its customers on upgrade planning as they prepare to migrate their data storage to SQL databases.

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