Sofitel Paris Baltimore Hotel installs interactive video wall

Once engaged by the visuals on the wall, guests inevitably touch the wall, triggering a deeper interaction.

The Sofitel Paris Baltimore hotel installed an immersive digital video wall, powered by RealMotion, the technology division of the experiential design studio Float4. The goal was to create a perfectly integrated entertaining, informative and interactive welcome wall that was also an intuitive tool for visitors to engage with and hotel staff to easily manage and update.

This goal was achieved by designing an experience that is entirely focused on the end user from start to finish. Float4’s technical and creative thinkers worked as a team to create an intuitive tool that also complements the aesthetics of a 19th-century space.  

While the RealMotion platform made its worldwide debut at InfoComm 2017, the platform has for the last number of years been used by Float4 designers to create groundbreaking user experiences. The idea for the RealMotion platform stems from real-world design experiences of the Float4 studio team who are constantly creating exciting digital experiences within physical spaces for forward-looking clients like the Sofitel Paris Baltimore hotel and the Hotel Mere in Winnipeg, Canada.  

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The interactive video wall installed at the Sofitel Paris Baltimore hotel is designed to compel the attention of arriving guests and initiate a friendly and engaging interaction that is both playful and fun. Once engaged by the visuals on the wall, guests inevitably touch the wall triggering a deeper interaction. The wall features artworks that attract guest attention and respond to their movements, a photo booth and a virtual concierge, where guests can explore Paris.

Hotel staff can log on to the content-management system and help create a path through Paris that lasts two hours, based on the guest’s interests. The path can also be downloaded to the guest’s smartphone for added convenience. The RealMotion system installed at the Sofitel Paris Baltimore hotel predominantly generates real-time content at 6K resolution that is being maximized by the system’s pixel mapping features. RealMotion’s ability to enable real-time compositing allowed Float4 to layer multiple types of media (i.e.: HTML5 for interfaces, real-time graphics and high-resolution video for background elements).

Layered interactive technology empowered Float4 to combine both motion and multitouch functionality to create a progressive interactive experience. The custom content management system enabled the hotel staff to customize many aspects of the wall's content. A selfie station allows visitors to take pictures and share them with friends directly or more broadly on social media platforms. Live feeds from cameras or television can be processed through RealMotion for events. Remote monitoring allows everyone to be proactive in maintenance operations.  

Available in Ultra, Pro, Lite and Micro system configurations to meet specific project needs, the RealMotion platform consists of three core components. The RM Designer module empowers users to create, collaborate and deploy content utilizing real-time content editing, generation and compositing software. RM Servers host, generate, connect and enable real-time content manipulation, playback, and delivery. The RM Admin module provides online system monitoring, information flow, and management.