Sonesta International Hotels partners with Actabl

Sonesta International Hotels is adopting Actabl's Alice and Transcendent solutions. The partnership aims increase operational efficiency and lower expenses for each of the brand's 200+ U.S. managed properties representing more than 40,000 rooms.

Having reported a 350 percent increase in growth since 2020, Sonesta identified Actabl for implementing a unified operational environment across its brand portfolio that eliminates potential inefficiencies and needless expense. For backend hotel management needs, each of the company’s managed properties can now leverage Transcendent by Actabl’s engineering and enterprise asset management technology to streamline both asset and document management processes. Using the solution, hoteliers gain instant and organized access to asset maintenance history, contracts and warranty information from one centralized and continuously updated location.

Sonesta’s managed properties are also using Transcendent by Actabl’s CapEx planning module, an intuitive dashboard offering real-time insight into all capital expenditures. Via the dashboard, hotel leadership and staff can anticipate, forecast and ensure the timely processing of both budgeted and unbudgeted expenditures up to 10 years in advance.

“To continue building on our company’s growth, we sought out an innovative technology company that provides best-in-class hospitality tools across the full scope of our hotel business operations,” said Len Wolin, SVP of hotel operations for Sonesta, in a statement. “Actabl, with its wide-reaching range of operations technology solutions, is an ideal fit for the needs of our expanding organization and for our on-the-ground teams. Actabl is a partner focused on growth and innovation. Partnering with Actabl enables traditionally siloed departments to work together seamlessly to become more efficient, reduce unnecessary costs, and ensure that each of our properties deliver only the highest quality experiences.”

Alice by Actabl modules made available to Sonesta properties include:

  • Housekeeping: A mobile-enabled housekeeping assignment platform leveraging PMS integration to keep staff up-to-date on which tasks have been completed and which still require employee attention.
  • Service delivery: Eliminating operational silos and ensuring that guest requests are instantly transmitted to the appropriate department for timely completion.
  • Guest services: Empowering hotel staff with the ability to exceed guest expectations by swiftly resolving reported complaints, providing guest package tracking services and offering the opportunity to create personalized itineraries for each and every guest.
  • Guest messaging: Offering multiple options for contactless real-time messages, including individualized, group and property-wide communications.