Stayntouch partners with Woby

Stayntouch has partnered with Woby, a self-order and pay web app that simultaneously connects with existing POS and PMS platforms. Stayntouch now integrates with Woby’s customizable web app, allowing for real-time POS and PMS synchronization.

With Stayntouch PMS, hotels can streamline operations, automate tasks and provide a seamless digital guest welcome experience with mobile check-in. Woby complements this by offering a self-order and pay platform that seamlessly connects with both the hotel PMS and POS, streamlining the in-stay dining experience from ordering to payments to room service and delivery. By connecting Stayntouch PMS with Woby, hotels will benefit from: 

  • A flexible and full-featured cloud PMS, that can deliver a frictionless mobile welcome and departure experience for guests, while integrating with best-of-breed mobile POS platforms.
  • Real-time synchronization between the PMS, POS and accounting software, allowing guests to connect to a single QR code to order what they want, pay how they want, and have room charges validated automatically. 
  • A fully customizable look and workflow to fit seamlessly with any hotel branding design or operational needs.
  • A dedicated integration connector that sets up integrations in minutes instead of months, and streamlines third-party connections. 

"Woby stands out as the pioneering self-order and pay app that seamlessly integrates Stayntouch with your POS system," Woby Managing Partner Ruud Hontelé said in a statement. "Say goodbye to the hassles and pain points associated with digital menus, ordering, payments and logistics processes. Enhance the guest experience significantly while also reducing costs for your business."