Timón Hotel and Ola Hotels partner with SiteMinder

Timón Hotel (Timon Hotel)

SiteMinder has formed a strategic integration partnership with Timón Hotel, a local hotel-management-system provider, and a group-wide deal with Ola Hotels. Over the past three decades, Timón Hotel has grown to manage more than 100,000 hotel beds across Mallorca and the Balearic islands, which attract around 13 million travelers each year.

"In Mallorca, we have the privilege of having hotel clients that are pioneers in their sector and have more than 100 years of experience behind them,” said Martín Millán, general manager at Timón Hotel. “Our partnership with SiteMinder means we can now offer these and our other hotel clients the opportunity to integrate their Timón Hotel property management system with SiteMinder's channel manager so they can be more efficient and make more intelligent decisions around how they run their hotel business.”

Ola Hotels, a three- and four-star hotel group, has adopted SiteMinder's channel manager to increase its online reach to travelers booking their accommodation in Mallorca. Ola Hotels offers travelers nearly 1,200 rooms within its eight properties.

"SiteMinder's Channel Manager has helped us control the availability of all our hotels online and also allowed us to achieve total rate parity, which has been essential to be more competitive in the market," said the hotel group's revenue manager, Manuel Oliver.