TraknProtect, Intello partner on safety devices

TraknProtect partners with hospitality integration providers
TraknProtect helps hoteliers provide a safer work environment for their personnel. Photo credit: TraknProtect

TraknProtect has partnered with Montreal-based Intello Technologies to offer TraknProtect's products to hotels in Canada. TraknProtect helps hoteliers provide a safer work environment for their personnel. Easy to implement and monitor, the TraknProtect safety solution can help hotel employees summon assistance quickly and accurately to their current location with just a touch of a button.
Intello Technologies has been designing, building and supporting wireless and wired networks for the hospitality industry since 2003 with a business model that complements TraknProtect's Internet of Things real-time location-tracking platform, which also includes inventory tracking, room-tray tracking and vendor tracking. Offering integration with existing TraknProtect wireless partners such as Aruba, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus, Intello Technologies can further extend the seamless installation and service that have become the company's hallmark.
"At Intello, our Canadian customer base trusts us to provide them with a multiservice technology offering that they can rely on every day," Intello Technologies CEO Samuel Schmidt said in a statement. "We also strongly believe workers should not have to worry about their safety while performing their duties. The addition of TraknProtect to our product portfolio helps us provide our valued customers with a solution boasting the reliability they are accustomed to, all while helping them provide a safer environment for their staff."