Travel Tripper launches Metasearch Direct

Travel Tripper works closely with hotels to set up, strategize and manage the Google Hotel Ads at an affordable cost. Photo credit: Travel Tripper

Travel Tripper has launched Metasearch Direct, allowing hotels to send rates directly from the central-reservation system to Google Hotel Ads. This enables hotels to increase the visibility and maximize the return on ad spend on Google Hotel Ads while benefiting from lower setup costs and management fees.

Google Hotel Ads allows hotels to effectively reach and convert travelers that are ready to book by deeply integrating the ads into search results. However, it is a complex platform to navigate, especially for hotels with limited digital-marketing resources in-house.

“It can be quite difficult to find and execute the right strategy on Google metasearch, as competitive behaviors and room prices constantly change on this channel," Kerst Lehmann, Travel Tripper's digital marketing strategist, said in a statement. “The hotel needs to be able to accurately track campaign bid adjustments, budget allocations, channel distribution and other tasks.”

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Travel Tripper’s team of digital marketing experts works closely with hotels to set up, strategize and manage the Google Hotel Ads at an affordable cost. One option that Travel Tripper offers is the option to pay for metasearch advertising on a commission-based model, which allows hotels to pay only when they receive a booking through the metasearch channel as opposed to the traditional pay-per-click model, which charges hotels for every click-through they receive.

“Our value proposition is to help hotels attract qualified traffic to their websites and efficiently drive more direct bookings,” said Tristan Heaword, director of digital marketing at Travel Tripper. “With our commission-based management model for metasearch, hotels do not pay upfront budget requirements—instead, they pay only for direct bookings at a lower price than most other distribution channels.”