UrVenue integrates with Book4Time

UrVenue has teamed up with Book4Time, a cloud-based spa, wellness and leisure-activity management software company, to incorporate spa experiences into UrVenue’s UV Enterprise platform. Now hotel and resort guests can seamlessly book and manage spa treatments alongside other property experiences in a singular itinerary, unifying the booking process in the pre-arrival and in-stay journey.

“If there is one thing today’s hotel guests crave, it’s convenience,” UrVenue Chief Growth Officer Tracee Nalewak said in a statement. “UrVenue ensures a cohesive booking journey for all non-room, experience-based inventory, from making reservations for restaurants and recreational activities (such as hikes, private tours, bike rentals, etc.) to reserving seating at nightclubs, day clubs, lounges, pools, resort beaches, sportsbooks, and more. Now through our integration with Book4Time, guests and employees can book spa treatments within our itinerary builder and manager. This functionality will enable experiential properties to drive incremental revenue by more easily upselling and cross-selling spa experiences with the rest of their non-room inventory.”

UV Enterprise is a full-stack technology platform that drives commerce, manages operations and enhances the guest experience in a single booking journey across a hotel or resort’s direct booking channels. UV Enterprise also features guest experience, a recently launched system capability, which includes two key products—guest portal and guest services. Guest portal provides guests with a personalized, self-service interface for easy exploration and booking of property experiences and the ability to view and manage their digital itineraries. Guest services enables employees (call center, concierge, front desk, etc.) to book experiences and manage itineraries on behalf of the guest. The Book4Time integration enables spa reservations and other activities and experiences to be booked in the same unified booking journey and managed within the same digital itineraries.

As a SaaS technology in the hospitality wellness industry, Book4Time is the spa platform used by international hotels, resorts, casinos, golf and private member clubs in more than 100 countries worldwide.