Whitepaper examines guest TV viewership

Technology provider Enseo has released a whitepaper analyzing guest TV viewership during the pandemic. 

The whitepaper, “Hotel Television in the Age of COVID-19,” reported a 49.3 percent increase in TV viewership in occupied hotel rooms from Q3 2019 to Q3 2020. The whitepaper also presents data on the type of content viewed in different hotel segments, examining apps and premium content alike. 

The increase in TV viewership is consistent across all property demographics, from select-service to luxury hotels. Focusing on both time periods of viewership as well as specific content guests are watching, Enseo found that there was an increase in both over-the-top and streaming content, as well as traditional, linear TV or free-to-guest content. 

“Our research provides insight into the time spent on specific TV content categories across all hotel brand segments in all 50 states,” said Vanessa Ogle, Enseo founder, chairman and group CEO. “The pandemic has been particularly challenging for hospitality, and as the industry is adjusting to better meet the needs of guests, this data provides valuable insight for hotelier decisions.” 

Information in the whitepaper was collected through Enseo’s E3 In-Room Entertainment System, which provides access to hotel information, television services and streaming OTT applications. In addition to lengths of time guests spent watching various content options, the whitepaper also provides information on the quality of TV systems and associated guest feedback. 

“As guests are spending increased time in hotel rooms, it’s clear that the TV is a necessary and valuable part of the guest experience,” said David Simpson, chief product officer at Enseo. “We’ve also seen an increase in requests from hotels to utilize the in-room TV for additional services in an effort to minimize contact, such as hotel communication, food and beverage menus, and more.”