WilsonPro to release 5G-specific cellular amplifier

The Pro 710i cellular amplifier can be installed to run in parallel with any existing WilsonPro amplifier system. Photo credit: WilsonPro Electronics (WilsonPro to release 5G-specific cellular amplifier )

WilsonPro Electronics opened preorders for the company’s first 5G cellular amplifier, the Pro 710i. The telecommunications industry has been laying the groundwork for 5G for several years, which includes increased traffic on the band 71 (600 MHz) cellular frequency. The Pro 710i, a single-band, commercial-grade amplifier, will boost cellular signals on band 71 (600 MHz) and will be publicly available for purchase in summer 2020.

The Pro 710i’s single, indoor antenna port boasts +23 dBm of downlink power and provides up to 100,000 square feet of indoor coverage, making it an option for large commercial buildings looking to improve their 5G cellular connectivity. This includes hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturing plants, commercial and residential real estate properties and more. The Pro 710i makes strong, reliable 5G signal available for an entire building’s tenants, employees and visitors who subscribe to carriers who utilize band 71. This means fast download speeds, dramatically reduced latency and the ability to connect more Internet of Things-enabled devices.

“5G is poised to transform the wireless industry as we know it, with the potential to connect more people than ever before,” Wilson Electronics CEO Bruce Lancaster said in a statement. “But 5G signals will struggle to penetrate buildings, just as 4G signals struggle today, so cellular signal amplifiers will be the only way to make 5G accessible to the majority of users. According to Lancaster, the upcoming release of the Pro 710i will allow large commercial buildings to take advantage of 5G’s rapid download speeds, enhanced connectivity and responsiveness for the first time.

The Pro 710i cellular amplifier can be used as a standalone product to support the ongoing 5G rollout on band 71 for T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and other carriers. It also easily can be installed to run in parallel with any existing WilsonPro amplifier system without the need to replace existing amplifiers.