The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino will install access points to offer location-based services and Internet of Things capabilities.

The white paper includes feedback from more than 670 guests and 200 hoteliers about what is expected from today's Wi-Fi and internet-based services.

The integrated plug-and-play suite comes with everything needed to prevent interruption including software, hardware and connectivity.

ThermaTouch controls ThermaSol’s new digital shower technology and the Serenity Light, Sound Rain Head and steam generator.

The Minneapolis property offers the ability for guests to control in-room amenities and request services via a voice-activated virtual assistant.

Hapi developed real-time data connectors that normalize data from different PMSes, enrich it and expose it for the company to use in various ways.

The 550-suite property in Tampa Bay, Fla., implemented Hotel Internet Services’ BeyondTV entertainment streaming solution.

Wi-Fi pairing is already installed at three Omni hotels with plans for installation at 15 more properties.