Hapi developed real-time data connectors that normalize data from different PMSes, enrich it and expose it for the company to use in various ways.

The 550-suite property in Tampa Bay, Fla., implemented Hotel Internet Services’ BeyondTV entertainment streaming solution.

The agreement will consolidate assets and operations of Bulk TV and DCI, as well as those of EthoStream, which was acquired by DCI in March 2017.

Shephard’s Beach Resort, Clearwater Beach, Fla., has implemented an advanced Wi-FI upgrade alongside a BeyondTV video streaming platform from Hotel Internet…

The evidence is clear: travel is an industry thirsty for new ideas and products. Which is why there is no shortage of investment flowing into travel startups.

If a hotel's connectivity is slow, spotty or nonexistent, guest satisfaction is guaranteed to take a nose-dive. Here's how to prevent that from…

The new Sonifi system allows the properties to provide fast guest internet access, onscreen property information, in-room streaming and more.

The hotels now can cater to guest demands for casting personal content and integrating voice-activated control.