World Cinema rebrands to WorldVue

Hospitality technology company World Cinema has rebranded as WorldVue. The name WorldVue is meant to represent a broader perspective, according to the company.

“In August of 2022, we acquired Hospitality WiFi," WorldVue CEO Tommy Fatjo said in a statement. "Over the past year, we have focused on bringing together our mission to unify both companies as one. We are excited to announce our rebranding from World Cinema to WorldVue. This decision was made to better reflect the evolution of the company, our industry and the needs of our clients and partners—all while ensuring a focus on an excellent customer experience.”

Founded in 1974, the company's next chapter aims to position the company as the go-to platform for designing, building and supporting property technologies. WorldVue's values, encapsulated by the acronym CHIRP (Coachable, Humble, Intelligent, Responsive, Persistent), define how the company operates internally and externally.

“Our rebrand signifies our commitment to not only staying relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing market dynamics, but also to providing the best solutions for our customers,” added Robert Grosz, president and COO of WorldVue. “Since day one, we have rallied around the idea that the world benefits from technologies that allow us to connect with each other to deliver entertainment and information.”