WorldVue partners with OpenWiFi

WorldVue, a platform that helps hotels leverage technologies such as video entertainment, digital infrastructure, wireless connectivity and smartphone applications, announced its partnership with OpenWiFi to enable global deployment of Telecom Infra Project OpenWiFi solutions.

Through this partnership, WorldVue will integrate OpenWiFi’s open-source technology into its Wi‑Fi solutions, allowing for more flexibility and the ability to streamline network operations. This is accomplished using TIP OpenWiFi certified software and hardware and hardware from a wide array of manufacturers.

“WorldVue is committed to delivering high-quality services and seamless connectivity. We believe wireless connectivity is a major catalyst for economic growth and industry development,” Robert Grosz, WorldVue president and COO, said in a statement. “Embracing OpenWiFi allows us to break free from vendor lock, rapidly innovate in the wireless space developing deep integrations with mission-critical applications and offer our clients the most flexible and lowest total cost of ownership.”

Launched in 2021, OpenWiFi is a community-developed open-source platform designed to lower the cost of developing and operating Wi-Fi networks. The platform’s approach to Wi-Fi creates an open-source disaggregated technology stack without vendor lock-in.

OpenWiFi was created through the Telecom Infra Project, a global community of companies and organizations driving open and disaggregated infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity. The OpenWiFi community currently includes more than 300 participants, including service providers, OEMs, ODMs, software ISVs, system integrators, silicon vendors and industry organizations.

“We’re proud to partner with an industry leader like WorldVue to amplify our impact further and achieve our mission of closing the digital divide,” said Jack Raynor, chairman, OpenWiFi Program Group. "The Wi-Fi industry benefits from disruptors like WorldVue who go above and beyond to enhance their offerings with an open-source solution.”