WorldVue partners with ProSafe

WorldVue partners with ProSafe to provide a more secure environment for hotel employees at properties. The partnership expands the safety capabilities of WorldVue’s hospitality customers with the usage of ProSafe’s patented smartphone-based security applications.

“We are proud to partner with ProSafe to support the industrywide roll-out of an innovative and valuable smartphone application that benefits hotel owners by providing a safer and more transparent working environment for their associates," WorldVue President and CEO Robert Grosz said in a statement. “Recruiting and retaining employees is one of the most complex problems discussed with our guest-centric clients. The ProSafe smartphone application and underlying platform provide a platform for associate safety which can be deployed in hours, not days. Most importantly, the platform does not depend upon property owner-provided proprietary networks, which makes it highly reliable and affordable.”

Founded to increase workplace safety in the hospitality industry, ProSafe is a room/area-level accurate, geo-location and evidence gathering panic button platform currently available to hotels. The application’s safety first interface is intended to be simple and easy to understand, while helping deliver better associate communication and rapid response, all while decreasing operational costs and boosting brand reputation. Some notable platform features include:

  • Geo-location: Notification of exactly where an associate’s panic button is pressed.
  • Multiple activation methods: Options for associate to activate alert silently or audibly.
  • Audio and visual evidence gathering: Assurance of accurate incident details.
  • QR-RFID location reporting: Extra layer of security using NFC-RFID technology.
  • Incident reporting: Comprehensive feature including all relevant data.
  • Push to talk: Communication channel for general broadcasts or direct contact.
  • Real-time translation: Assistance with language barrier via voice message or chat.
  • Security checklists: Components designed for security personnel to secure grounds.