Yotel Boston moves away from manual reporting

Alice is helping to bridge Yotel Boston's communication gaps by offering an optimal channel for both staff and guest communication through alternative devices. Photo credit: Alice (Yotel Boston moves away from manual reporting)

Yotel Boston, located in the Boston Seaport district, has selected Alice to enhance its internal communication, preventative maintenance, concierge operations and guest engagement. Through implementing Alice, Yotel Boston will create a seamless level of communication staff-to-staff and guest-to-staff.

Before partnering with Alice, Yotel Boston was using an alternative software to manage staff work and facilitate staff communication. There was a lack of ability to track hotel performance and operations, and it was difficult to know what was happening on the property in real-time. Moreover, emails and handwritten reports were still necessary for sharing information.

“Alice allows everything to be done very instantly, so that’s what we’re looking forward to seeing—tracking productivity and spotting trends before our guests and crew, making it altogether more intuitive,” GM Trish Berry said in a statement.

Before launching Alice, staff used hotel and/or personal phones for communication with guests. Yotel management wanted to transform guest communication into something more effective and professional, eliminating the constant need to be on a cellphone. Alice is helping to bridge those communication gaps by offering an optimal channel for both staff and guest communication through alternative devices, elevating the level of service while increasing efficiency for all parties.

“Texting the guest, we didn’t have the ability to do that before,” Berry said. “Many of our guests check-in [electronically] and we don’t touch them, so the ability to text guests right after they arrive [and check-in] allows us to give a more personal experience, even though it’s through technology.”

Alice is also increasing effectiveness on the maintenance front, as well as bridging the language gap with multilingual software. Spanish-speaking staff members are now integrated, and “to be able to train in the language, and to be able to have that language available for my cabin crew (housekeeping) and have it in Spanish is phenomenal,” Berry said.

“Cabin crew” staff can now also take photos and immediately send them to maintenance, greatly increasing the speed of resolution in regards to these types of concerns. All staff are on the same page when it comes to requests, and this only adds to the seamlessness that Yotel has been seeking.