Touchfree extends the Dornbracht product portfolio for all basin fittings by adding a new contact-free control.

The chair has streamlined design features, including a leather seam and various colorways for added flexibility.

Simla is fabricated using a 100-percent Indonesian coconut palm core with face and back veneers made of Indian sugar palm in the DecoPalm motif.

Assist—the first shelving unit designed by Alape—is based on an aluminum profile that is available in different dimensions.

Designed by Jean-Marie Massed, Ilda is said to combine the classic with the unexpected to offer a fresh take on contemporary Italian furniture.

The suspended pendant is counterbalanced by a weighted wrought iron sphere, which allows for the adjustment of the height of the light fixture itself.

The outer layer is made of raw aluminum, which created a rugged texture. A discreet inner shade is constructed using a contrasting shiny and smooth metal.

The 483-guestroom Novotel and Ibis Melbourne Little Lonsdale Street will open in 2018.