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Drilling down Newswire
Social media analysis: Understanding what guests want   14 Mar, 2014

In-depth analysis of social media can help give better insights into guest demands and satisfaction.More>>

Banff’s Fox Hotel & Suites Newswire
A good reputation drives bookings, higher revenue   14 Mar, 2014

Maintaining a good social reputation is quickly becoming imperative for maintaining guest satisfaction and loyalty.More>>

Members of Magnuson Worldwide Newswire
Revenue management PRICING OUT SOCIAL   14 Mar, 2014

Hotel operators are beginning to use the information gained from social media analysis to improve revenue management and pricing.More>>

blank Newswire
Patience, know-how: keys to a successful buy decision   13 Mar, 2014

Learning how to sell a product well is a skill that needs to be developed by every successful sales person.More>>

Instagram Newswire
Audience engagement key to social media   19 Feb, 2014

Digital marketing pros share the latest social media tips to increase online bookingsMore>>

Roger Bloss, Newswire
Vantage set to maximize mobile, online opportunities   30 Jan, 2014

Sites will show TripAdvisor reviews as part of social commitmentMore>>

Kerry Hirschy Newswire
5 QUESTIONS WITH ... Kerry Hirschy   2 Jan, 2014

Kaba’s SVP of sales and marketing expects to see more construction and an emphasis on social media in 2014More>>

Patrick Bosworth Newswire
5 QUESTIONS WITH ... Patrick Bosworth   2 Jan, 2014

Duetto’s founder and CEO on social media strategies and what it will take for the industry to thriveMore>>

Sam Cicero Jr. Newswire
5 QUESTIONS WITH ... Sam Cicero Jr.   2 Jan, 2014

Cicero’s Development Corp.’s president shares where his company will be looking to develop in 2014, how it is using social media and why the government needs to focus on the bigger pictureMore>>

Trending: Twitter’s future as a second-screen advertising company   5 Nov, 2013

Twitter may be looking to reach out to television viewers in an attempt to monetize certain aspects of the social network.More>>

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